Ilya Goncharov

React Component Libraries and Frameworks to Watch on Github in 2017

React component libraries streamline UI development

When building web apps with React, component libraries help you speed things up, which is always neat. By offering the Bootstrap-like convenience of building React applications out of readymade components, these libraries make web development somewhat similar to playing around with Lego.

In addition, React libraries often enforce development approaches and best practices, decreasing the decision fatigue. At the end of the day, this enables you to ship MVPs faster, while keeping your code readable and maintainable. Needles to say this can save you weeks worth of development time.

Choosing a React components library or framework, on the other hand, is a time-consuming process. There’s a gazillion of options out there, each one having its strengths and weaknesses.

So how do you choose the right library or framework?

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Disciplined Agile Delivery: Agile Project Management in the Post-Scrum World

Disciplined Agile Delivery brings more planning to Scrum

If you’ve been using Scrum long enough, you’ve probably faced some of these issues:

  • insufficient or missing big-picture planning,
  • weak or missing architecture focus, no architecture role,
  • lack of early risk mitigation,
  • lack of upfront requirements,
  • lack of acceptance criteria,
  • lack of budget approvals,
  • lack of dates.

Do these look familiar? If yes, your Agile project management puzzle is missing pieces, and Scrum doesn’t have a standard solution for them.

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Science Reality: React UI for a Genomics Platform

React UI for an innovative genomics platform

Modern technology has wrecked a whole lot of sci-fi movies from the past decades. I’m sure countless people have banged out letters (sent by snail mail, of course) demanding innovators to quit ruining their favorite movies with disruptive inventions. Seems like modern-day creators in the “Science-Fiction” genre are feeling the squeeze from creators in the “Science-Reality” industry.

I assume Will Smith may also be thinking of writing a letter. While we’ll always be Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It out on the dance floor, there are some issues with his post-apocalyptic movie, “I am Legend”.

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Getting featured on the React Native showcase

iPhone with a React Native logo on the background

Here’s yet another reason to hire our React Native developers: an app we built is being featured on the React Native showcase.

About a year ago, our mobile engineers joined the product development team of a global news publisher. Our guys assisted the client’s internal developers in merging the functionality of their iOS and Android applications into a cross-platform React Native app. This app can now be found on the React Native showcase, a GitHub project that demonstrates the potential of the technology for large consumer-grade applications.

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Why software outsourcing doesn’t work… Oh wait, it does!

screenshots of articles claiming that software development outsourcing is broken

I wonder what’s going on will all these posts saying that software outsourcing is broken. Have you ever stumbled across one?

If the authors of these posts are right, software development outsourcing is either dead or dying, and there’s no real reason for companies to outsource.

So, should we all get worried?

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Helping cat videos go viral with Grails, Groovy, ReactJS, and Spring/Hibernate

Viral videos and software development: Grails, Groovy, ReactJS, and Spring/Hibernate

Admit it, we all love viral videos. Silly videos of cute animals, collections of epic fails, inspirational stuff — there’s always something that resonates with us. After all, videos go viral for reason, right?

Actually, in the brave new world of today, there are multimillion-dollar businesses invested into videos of this sort. So whenever you see a video of a squirrel drinking a milkshake — or some dudes attempting a triple frontflip while slacklining — there might a crew of media brainiacs behind it. And these people do a ton of work to discover, curate and promote videos that have, what they call it, viral potential. As a result, we get to procrastinate at work while looking at videos of this sort:

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Building a cross-channel idea-discovery platform with React Native and LAMP

Idea discovery app built with React Native

Did you know that you can turn yourself into the ultimate idea machine by writing down 10 random ideas a day?

Training your idea muscle is a terrific habit because great ideas drive positive change, making the world better. So wouldn’t it be uber-awesome to foster this habit by creating a tool that would encourage creative thinking, helping people share their brilliant ideas? What I’m talking about it a tool that would turn idea discovery into an efficient process…

Oh wait, we’re actually building a tool of this kind!

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Meet our new client: tier-one retail analytics provider hires AgileEngine

tier-one retail analytics provider hires AgileEngine

The development of business intelligence solutions is always an awesome challenge that makes you push beyond your limits. In fact, the only thing that can make a BI project even more exciting is the use of a sexy technology stack. And that’s exactly what our new client’s project is all about.

The new customer of AgileEngine is a tier-one provider of BI software for retailers. The company offers solutions for multi-channel retail analytics, merchandize management, and the optimization of store operations. Our client’s products cater to the needs of both online-only retailers and the owners of brick-and-mortar stores — both big and small.

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DC CTO Club #3: continuous integration with 50+ deploys per day

DC CTO Club #3: continuous integration with 50+ deploys per day

Continuous deployment and continuous integration are parts of the modern-day mantra for tech startups. So how frequently do you deploy? How about 50+ times a day? Does this seem like a tempo that you can keep up with while maintaining your sanity?

During the third meeting of the DC CTO Club, we’ve got an exhaustive answer to this question. Our presenter Doug Ramsay shared with us the lessons learned from being the Director of Engineering at LivingSocial. He discussed how his team was able to push changes to production almost instantly and how they built a culture of high-quality engineering.

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AgileEngine will build a React Native app for an agricultural startup

AgileEngine will build a React Native app for an agricultural startup

There’s a place for cutting-edge software in every niche, and our new client is a living proof of this maxim.

So far, we’ve built software solutions for multiple large publishers, food delivery chains, transportation networks, and a good dozen of other projects. This will be the first time, however, that we will be working for an agricultural startup.

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