Our story

In 2000 CTOs had to make a tough choice between building the dynamic web UI as Java applets or HTML/JavaScript. Alex Kalinovsky thought that the ideal solution would allow companies to get both a Java and HTML user interface from the same code base. After many nights and weekends of JVM-level hacking and JavaScript/CSS heavy lifting AjaxSwing was born. It would allow companies that built UI in Java to automatically get a HTML thin client. Today AjaxSwing is still the only product in the world that is capable of doing this and continues to sell and save companies money. However, the product adoption requires specialist support, and the AgileEngine services department was started. We always employed only the top engineers, and clients quickly saw that. They wanted more. Soon the demand for our services spilled outside our core products and we started cooperating with companies that wanted to turn their ideas into products. We’ve added UX, digital design, development and testing services building on our expertise in lean development and commitment to agile methodologies. Growing at over 50% per year we never take our eyes off the original mission – putting together teams of highly motivated experts to develop awesome software that people love.

Work hard, Play hard

Life would be difficult and plain boring if we didn’t know how to have fun. At AgileEngine we make sure that after a hard day’s work (OK, more like hard month’s work) we get together as a team and do something crazy! Mafia, soccer, table tennis, racing and other games bring out the best and the worst of our rocket ship crew. But in the end we are all in the same rocket so there are no winners and losers. 🙂
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