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Meet the team of Angular and rich UI pros

We’ve built fast, smooth UIs with Angular 2 and 4, we’re agile, and we work with some of the best developers in the industry. Meet our AngularJS developers:

Alexey Olhovskiy Alexey Olhovskiy Senior Frontend developer
(AngularJS, Angular 2, ReactJS)

Alexey Olhovskiy

Senior Frontend developer
(AngularJS, Angular 2, ReactJS)

Alexey Olhovskiy
There are many reasons to really enjoy being an Angular developer. My personal favorite among these reasons is the stability that TypeScript and it’s static typing bring to JavaScript programming.
Nikolay Melezhik Nikolay Melezhik Full-stack developer
(AngularJS, .Net)

Nikolay Melezhik

Full-stack developer
(AngularJS, .Net)

Nikolay Melezhik
In my experience, Angular proves to be the UI framework of choice for large-scale projects that intend to scale even further. Angular might seem challenging, yet fun to work with — and it sure lets you build cool stuff.
Anton Shabatin Anton Shabatin Frontend developer
(AngularJS, Angular 2, ReactJS)

Anton Shabatin

Frontend developer
(AngularJS, Angular 2, ReactJS)

Anton Shabatin
AngularJS development is awesome because it’s so flexible. Besides, AngularJS is probably the most mature technology among the modern ones, and it’s a terrific choice for a variety of projects.

Why hire our Angular developers?

The short answer is because we really care about the projects were working on. We love crafting clean, fast UIs and we’re driven by the thought that thousands of people use the things that we build.

Our Angular developers have a vast experience building feature-rich web applications and tinkering with hybrid apps. In our model, developers are 100% engaged into your project, working full-time as an integral part of your team. We’ve learned from experience that this approach works best, so we practice it with every project.

Here are the three qualities that describe each and every of our UI engineers:

Our AngularJS and Angular developers have built interaction-rich web applications and hybrid web apps. They worked with large scale projects, and they’ve helped startups wow their customers with amazing UIs.

No freelancers and no part-timers — our developers are assigned to only one project at a time. We know that ownership mentality is vital, and we foster it among our developers.

Our Angular developers are far more than excellent programmers. They don’t just write code, they build products — and they know how to manage their time to achieve impressive results fast.

Here’s what our customers say about our AngularJS developers

Why use Angular?
The key strengths of the Angular framework

There are quite a few reasons to choose Angular over other mainstream front-end development frameworks.
Let’s take a look at the major ones:

Component-based take on MVC

MVC was one of the big features of the original AngularJS 1x, and one of the reasons why the framework gained traction in the JavaScript developer community. With the release of Angular 2, developers have been offered a component-based approach where each component has an MVC architecture.

Want unidirectional data flow? Flux is an option

Flux is an option According to one JavaScript evangelist, the introduction the Flux architecture has been almost as important for front-end development as the introduction of HTML and JavaScript. As far as Flux support goes, Angular developers get an option to use Redux with Immutable.js.

TypeScript goodness

Some say the overall impact of TypeScript’s static typing on bug reduction is overrated, but it sure eliminates one class of bugs. Static typing makes code easier to maintain, too. Besides, the JavaScript code generated by the TypeScript compiler is 100% human readableo, and the support of ES3, ES5, and ES6 seems like a nice-to-have.

Rewarding developer experience

The Angular 2 plus TypeScript combo makes for a productive way to build middle-sized and large-scale web applications. Static typing is great for developer tooling, and Angular’s type inference adds a sense of reliability to the developer experience. At the end of the day, the tooling available to Andular developers is as good that of Java and .Net.

Awesome application performance

Angular 2 is comparable to ReactJS in terms of application performance. Angular enables developers to keep things fast, as long as they adhere to best practices. Besides, cleaning up the digest cycle in Angular 2 resulted in a major improvement over the performance of AngularJS.

Angular enforces good development practices

Back in the day, AngularJS became the game changer in the way it discouraged frontend developers from writing spaghetti code “that just works”. A major concept of AngularJS (and, later, Angular) is that it forces developers to comply with best practices and take sound architecture decisions.

It’s from Google

Angular is the brainchild of Google’s developers, and it’s supported by a thriving community of individuals and top-tier tech companies. When a technology get that much support from the tech community, you know that it will remain remain a solid choice for years to come.

Angular gotchas: the things you must know

Let’s admit it, every technology has its gotchas, and Angular is no exception. We’re sure you know about (most of) these pitfalls.
Still, it won’t hurt to quickly recall these things:


Any framework adds a bit of overhead to a project, but the (somewhat) sad truth is Angular does so to a greater extend than React. Typings declared inline result in syntax overhead while the time it takes to keep track of external library typings is configuration overhead. Still, the game is worth the candle if you know what you’re doing.

Angular != AngularJS

For some, Google’s decision to completely redesign AngularJS can be characterised as “courage”, in Apple’s definition of the word. With Angular 2, Google’s developers made a big step forward — alas, without looking back at the older AngularJS 1x. As a result, updating your AngularJS to the new and shiny Angular 2 means rebuilding it from the ground up. Luckily, Google didn’t repeat the same decision with Angular 4.

How we deal with Angular challenges:
our process

You tell us about your Angular development challenge and we study your project in detail.

We research the local markets of Eastern Europe and South America for the the best Angular developers. We interview and vet our candidates before offering them to you.

Once you’ve selected the best candidates, we sign a contract. Every technical detail is settled at this stage.

Your remote Angular developers start working as a part of your team. Our clients get a trial period to make sure everything works out to everyone’s advantage.

Many of our clients prefer to stay with us, so that our Angular developers could continue working on updates and maintaining their project.

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