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Live VR Streaming with React JS, React Native, and Unity

The Champions League Final… The best teams are facing off before the eyes of multimillion audiences. The glittering lights, the tremendous pressure, the unabashed expectation… The overall atmosphere goes for the glory of victory.

The emotions you experience while watching the match are hard to describe. It’s in our DNA. In this way, live stream broadcasting provides us with a unique experience, bringing us closer to the great events.

As of 2017, more than 2.1 million were watching the Champions League final on digital platforms. The next Champions League Final for 2019 isn’t going to be different. It may bring even more football fans across the world to live stream broadcasting.

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React Component Libraries and Frameworks to Watch on Github in 2018

React component libraries

When building web apps with React, component libraries help you speed things up, which is always neat. By offering the Bootstrap-like convenience of building React applications out of readymade components, these libraries make web development somewhat similar to playing around with Lego.

In addition, React libraries often enforce development approaches and best practices, decreasing the decision fatigue. At the end of the day, this enables you to ship MVPs faster, while keeping your code readable and maintainable. Needles to say this can save you weeks worth of development time.

Choosing a React components library or framework, on the other hand, is a time-consuming process. There’s a gazillion of options out there, each one having its strengths and weaknesses.

So how do you choose the right library or framework?

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MERN stack for React/Node.js applications: what’s in it for you?

MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node)

The MERN stack (aka the MEAN of isomorphic React/Node applications) is gaining traction in the web development community. There are books and tutorials on building MERN apps, and even a MERN toolkit in the works.

The stack constitutes of ReactJS, Node.js, MongoDB and Express.js, yet the setup is more than a mere sum of its components. Were I a marketer, I’d say there’s some synergy going on, but let’s keep things more technical than that…

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Science Reality: React UI for a Genomics Platform

React UI for an innovative genomics platform

Modern technology has wrecked a whole lot of sci-fi movies from the past decades. I’m sure countless people have banged out letters (sent by snail mail, of course) demanding innovators to quit ruining their favorite movies with disruptive inventions. Seems like modern-day creators in the “Science-Fiction” genre are feeling the squeeze from creators in the “Science-Reality” industry.

I assume Will Smith may also be thinking of writing a letter. While we’ll always be Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It out on the dance floor, there are some issues with his post-apocalyptic movie, “I am Legend”.

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