AgileEngine ranks #152 on Clutch 1000

Clutch 1000 logo on white background

If you’ve been following the news about AgileEngine, you certainly know that we get a lot of recognition from Clutch.

A renowned provider of ratings and reviews of B2B firms, Clutch names AgileEngine a top-3 custom software development company in DC and #1 in Argentina. In 2019, the company also named us the #7 Node developers globally and a leading B2B company in Ukraine.

In December, we have received a new honorable mention, and it’s really special. This time, we won a spot on Clutch 1000, a global ranking of top B2B companies that Clutch names its most exclusive.

The spot we’ve won is #152, which seems like a good start given there are 1000 industry-leading names on the chart. And we really mean industry-leading. Clutch 1000 lists the agencies and firms that fall within the top-1% of all firms featured on by the firm. The ranking criteria underlying the list are quality, recent ratings from verified clients, and the overall market presence.

About Clutch

Clutch is a universally recognized and trusted name in the B2B market research. It is also a go-to website if you are looking for frequently updated rankings of agencies that specialize in software development, design, and digital marketing. Clutch ensures transparency through a rigorous process of verification of both the companies in its database and the clients who post reviews for these companies.

About AgileEngine

AgileEngine is one of the most prominent brands in the Clutch Leader matrices for DC, Ukraine, and Argentina. A dev shop with more than a decade of market presence, AgileEngine is also one of the fastest-growing privately-held US companies according to Inc 5000. We also rank among the most innovative DC companies of 2019 according to DC Inno.

The expertise of AgileEngine covers web application, mobile, and enterprise software development, QA, data engineering, and software design. We help Fortune 500 companies and some of the hottest Silicon Valley startups build products featured by Gartner, Facebook, and the Webby Awards. If this sounds exciting, contact us and ask us about our experience in your domain.