Clutch Ranks AgileEngine Among the Top-15 App Development Firms

AgileEngine is among the Top 15 App and Software development companies on Clutch
This is not the first time that we skyrocket Clutch Top Lists. It’s March 2020, and we’ve made it to two more recognition categories. A trusted provider of ratings and reviews for 150,000+ businesses in 500+ categories, Clutch ranked us among The Top 15 App Development Firms. Particularly, our nearshore talent was rated #5 among React Native Developers and #12 among Android App Developers. The field of app development keeps exponentially growing. Research shows that the impact of this market will be even greater in the nearest future, finding a larger application in various electronic devices beyond tablets and smartphones. This increases the need for scarce top dev talent. The Top 15 Software Developers Across Different Specialities is the second category where AgileEngine’s experts were featured #6 among C Sharp Developers and #15 among AngularJS Developers. The number of software developers is predicted to grow to 28.7 million by 2024. Clutch helps thousands of businesses choose the right partners to scale up their development efforts in the most efficient way. Its ranking criteria are based on verified reviews from former clients, previously received awards, and brand reputation.

About Clutch

Clutch is a trusted go-to source used by companies that look for reliable vendors in the sphere of IT, marketing, and business service. Each month, over half a million users leverage this platform to make the right choice through verified clients’ reviews and constantly updated business rankings.

About AgileEngine

AgileEngine is one of the software dev shops on Clutch that stands out among others, particularly in DC, Argentina, and Ukraine. The products our team built are featured on Facebook and Gartner, and we work only with the top 3% talent to deliver world-class products. You can see for yourself how companies across multiple industries love our work on Clutch reviews. Or you can directly learn about our risk-free approach to building awesome solutions by filling out the contact form below.

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