Cryptocurrency trading platform

Back in London in 2015, I was sipping a pint and stuffing my face with fish and chips at a friendly meeting with a couple of bankers. We were all having insufferable conversations about the investments and the high-tech startup scene. In a stereotypical English fashion, I’m sure bowlers were adorned. I brought up cryptocurrency with Bitcoin sitting at eye-poppingly impressive $330. Bringing up BTC was an error on my part as it was quickly derided with loud chortling and fingers pointing in my face.

After fainting from blushing too hard, I awoke in a nearby alley and decided to follow their advice and steer clear of cryptocurrencies.

Flash forward to 12.28.2017, and BTC is just about to crack 20K USD. Think about that for a little bit. Also, maybe stop grinding your teeth about all money you lost from listening to the so called “experts” who completely missed the mark on cryptocurrencies.


It’s not too late to get some skin in the game. Our latest client uses an automated trading platform and deploys it on an international level to trade on currency exchanges. The company trades digital currencies with the assistance of modern statistical and computational tools. This gives your portfolio a genuine advantage.

Using our client’s trading platform, it’s impossible to miss out on the surge in cryptocurrencies. Next time, it’s you who will be sitting smugly at the table with the dejected bankers.


About AgileEngine

The folks at AgileEngine enjoy cryptocurrency and English food as much as the next bloke. But there’s much more to the people who work here — especially if we’re talking about software engineering skills.

In the past couple of years, we’ve helped numerous companies gain a competitive edge with top-notch software. We’ve built UIs with React and Angular and developed cross-platform mobile apps with React Native. We did a whole bunch of full-stack projects involving Node, Python, Ruby, and PHP, and we built enterprise software with Java, Scala, Go, and .Net. In 2018, we will be looking forward to new projects, and we’re ready to take on anything ranging from serverless architectures, to MEAN and the MERN stack.

We leave and breathe Lean and Agile, and we specialize in DAD/Disciplined Agile Delivery, yet we’ve worked with multiple other methodologies as well. Contact us and tell us about your vision of your ideal software product!