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Software performance and quality affect business


Google estimates that 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load


Reduction of perceived wait times brought Pinterest 15% more signups and search traffic


Each second of loading time costs BBC approximately 10% of its users

This is why our work makes a difference

Our deliverables are about user engagement, great performance, and high quality

126% improvement in page load speed at a leading job search site with over 250 million unique monthly visitors

A/B testing system that supports 130 million users of the world’s #1 group buying brand, with less than 10 ms overhead to response time

90% accuracy of predictive analytics

2 weeks to deliver the UI functionality our client’s previous partner failed to complete in 3 months

Serverless microservices architecture introduced at a high-load site that resulted in 72% savings of cloud hosting fees

Our expertise is proven

Gartner, Dresner, and G2Crowd featured our work

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Our cross-functional expertise enables us to deliver solutions that are not just performant and scalable, but also elegant, beautiful, and engaging.

We work with UI/UX design experts to make sure that our engineers start from the right place. Our nearshore teams follow modern agile best practices to maintain good cadence and adapt our process to our clients’ needs.

We have unmatched expertise in

Ecommerce Ediscovery Geotracking Messaging software Cybersecurity
Cloud solutions Serverless architectures Data analytics ML and AI solutions Media streaming
Content search Business intelligence Blockchain Platform software Content delivery platforms Content management systems
SaaS EdTech Retail IoT Enterprise software Point of sale solutions
Enterprise software Networking software Enterprise resource planning 360-degree video, VR, AR software Customer relationship management

Our clients’ reviewsREVIEWS

The in-house team is satisfied and still uses all the systems AgileEngine has developed. Highly experienced, AgileEngine was able to meet every need, while their flexibility and superb organizational skills helped them keep the projects on track and avoid any issues.

Ted Tzirimis CIO, The Medical Team

Success storiesPORTFOLIO

Groupon: project details

  • Architecture and development of a multichannel A/B testing system with REST and microservices
  • Complete coverage with unit, performance, and UI test for each part of the system
  • Test-driven development (TDD), SCRUM, and continuous integration (CI)




The Groupon subsidiary LivingSocial worked with our nearshore team on the development of a multichannel A/B testing system that scales to 87 million people.

We’ve designed the system using RESTful principles and micro­services to ensure great scalability, maintainability, and speedy performance with an overhead of less than 10 ms. The resulting solution enabled our client to perform marketing experiments across web, mobile, and email.

Project Details

VMWare: project details

  • Development of an orchestrator solution that enables centralized monitoring of network activity, alerts of problems, and enables remote remediation of issues
  • Development of functionality for zero-touch branch deployment, automatic business policy and firmware updates, link performance, and capacity measurements
  • Development of the media functionality (audio and video streaming)
  • Coverage of business-critical features with CRUD and workflow tests
  • Regression testing




AgileEngine developers are driving some of the main product verticals of the VMware subsidiary VeloCloud. This includes design and development of enterprise tools and solutions for data visualization and cloud infrastructure management.

VeloCloud also selected AgileEngine as a strategic vendor for the implementation of automated testing for a large portion of the company’s existing and new software.

Project Details

DeliveryHero: project details

  • Architecture, design, and full-stack development of web and mobile apps
  • Development of a scheduling tool for the food delivery service
  • Improvements that add flexibility to the feature set of the client’s applications
  • RESTful API backend



Delivery Hero

A digital property of Delivery Hero, Foodora has developed a number of proprietary solutions that simplify food delivery for drivers and dispatchers. The company worked with our nearshore team on some of the core functionality of its delivery applications.

Namely, our engineers implemented a number of architecture-level backend solutions and developed the Foodora mobile app.

Project Details

Relativity: project details

  • Development of algorithms that extract semantic meaning from unstructured documents
  • Development of solutions for the processing of near-duplicate text, language identification, and email threading
  • Evaluation and integration with a human language detection framework
  • Added support for more languages (for content analysis)
  • Development of custom services for Rancher, Kubernetes, and Azure
  • Refactoring and optimization of the Relativity platform for greater resilience and scalability




An ediscovery platform used by 13,000+ businesses, Relativity relies on AgileEngine to create, improve, and expand its core data analytics capabilities.

Our engineers are developing solutions that identify near-duplicate text and extract meaningful information from unstructured documents and emails. We’ve also integrated a human language detection framework and added support for 8 more languages for content analysis.

Project Details

The MedTeam: project details

  • Client portal that enables scheduling and invoice management and provides relevant news to users
  • Complex web portal that offers tasks management and process billing functionality to clients and employees
  • Cross-platform mobile apps that enable scheduling, task management, and calls via Twilio for employees
  • Native iOS app for employee coordination
  • Cross-platform mobile app for document tracking
  • Web application for task scheduling



The Medical Team

The Medical Team ranks among the top 25% of certified home health care agencies in the US according to the HomeCare Elite.

The company works with AgileEngine on the functionality of its patient and employee management systems. The solutions we’ve built enable healthcare companies to track and store patient data, process documents, and manage workflows.

Project Details
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