Bank for people

Digital wallet designed for young investors

Bank for people is the concept of a top-notch Financial Advice platform for young investors – all-in-one banking application, hassle-free. Users can safely store, manage, and move funds between accounts and to other banks as well.

Personalized financial experience taken to the next level

UX Problem

Smart user experience design starts by identifying the problem and guiding all ideas to solve that problem. During the collaboration with the biggest banking players, we invested in learning user segments in the financial industry and how to engage them to a product.

We have found a segment of young professionals who don’t know how to invest money, and they need a secure platform to store their savings. How can we give an alternative solution for financial platforms to provide a highly secure environment but also advise users on where to invest their money depending on their needs?

UX Solution

A platform that provides an innovative solution to make investing accessible and engaging for everyone.

Users should be able to easily invest in different asset based on their needs and preferences, and track the growth of their investments. A platform will give saving and investments advices and help users keep track of their expenses.

There’s been strong initial feedback on the design. Their team is skilled, hardworking, and communicative. Their project management style is also noteworthy. Customers can expect quality work at a reasonable price.

Mr. James Brown,

Online Retail and System Manager


I always felt like any issue I’d have would be immediately taken care of.

Senior Software Engineer


Their team is invested in our success and excited about what we’re doing.

Product Manager

Hushmesh Inc

They’ve effectively become part of the internal team while providing a good ROI. Responsive and timely, they communicate seamlessly.



They focus on building a successful product and not just on getting paid, which fosters a positive working relationship. The team communicates well and is open to changes in project scope.

VP of Engineering

iControl Systems USA, LLC

Our Process

We started by discovering a clear problem statement. When the problem was stated, we researched the audience that represents our user persona and their jobs-to-be-done. In parallel, we’ve analyzed products that are solving similar problems.

When talking to potential users, we’ve identified MVP concept use cases, such as user account top-up, transactions, investing in different assets, and a personalized quiz. Based on that, we created lo-fi wireframes to test the experience. With the insights received from users, we adjusted the dashboard and crafted the hi-fi designs.

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