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What is the first job search website that you’ve ever used? Few people will remember The Online Career Center, but it was the first large platform for posting resumes and job openings. In 1994, NetStart Inc. followed — first as a B2B software sold directly to companies and then later on as a public website.

1994 is also the year when an even more renowned job website,, became available online. In 1995, a service called emerged as the product of collaboration between the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers. The year 1996 saw the launch of, a website that later became Yahoo HotJobs.

Fast forward two decades and the number of large job search engines in the US alone has exceeded 15 brands. On the global scale, there are at least 50 brands with audiences of over 10 million monthly users.

The reason we’re talking these 50+ job search giants is that our new client happens to be among them. We won’t mention exactly who that is, but spoiler alert: if you think about the top-5 biggest names, our client will probably be among them:)

With more than 200 million monthly visitors, this company has a huge impact on the job search market. Now in 2019, our engineering experts will join the international team of professionals shaping this impact.

About AgileEngine

AgileEngine is an international team of software engineers in Ukraine and Argentina. We’re uber-passionate about elegant, performant software, and we share this passion with 50+ technology companies from North America and Europe.

Our latest client is in job search, yet we have years of expertise in other vertical markets as well. Namely, the products we’ve built in the past year are in Data & Analytics, Media & Entertainment, Process Management, Fintech & Blockchain, IoT, AR, and VR.

Our expertise covers mobile (true native or with React Native or Flutter), full-stack web, UI, and enterprise development. If you’re building any of these, here are three reasons to use the help of our nearshore teams:

  • We’re #1 in Argentina and #3 in DC based on the reviews of verified clients on Clutch
  • We operate in nearshore time zones that are friendly for both American and European companies
  • We love what we do, and we love to prove ourselves even more. Contact us and ask us about our risk-free approach.