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Middle React Engineer

Technologies: JavaScript React
Locations: Kyiv
Departments: Engineering
Hot position?: Hot

We are looking for a highly skilled ReactJS Engineer to join our team, deliver high-quality solutions, and become a driver and a key person to develop within the project. This role will be responsible for working with the development and other teams to build out new features and improve existing ones, contribute to the technical excellence and professional growth of other team members.

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What do you need to have?

  • 2+ years of experience as a Front-End Engineer
  • Strong working experience with React/Redux
  • Solid background in JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS preprocessors (Sass)
  • Experience in building responsive websites
  • Confidence with Webpack module bundlers
  • Experience with Linux, OS X
  • Upper-intermediate or above spoken English

What will be a plus?

  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Knowledge of AWS ECS, RDS, Security Groups, IAM, Lambda; Hashicorp Terraform and Vault
  • Familiarity with Cypress, Jest, Pytest testing tools
  • Familiarity with backend (Python, Django)
  • Experience building production-hardened web services, with consideration for security, performance, scalability, reliability, and repeatability
  • Experience rapidly prototyping new product concepts, especially for enterprise clients
  • Understanding of automated testing concepts in web apps and the ability to consistently apply them
  • Knowledge of database fundamentals like indexing, SQL queries, schema migrations, and managing backups

What will you do?

  • Build products that change the dynamics and incentives of the healthcare industry, changing a zero-sum game of competition between payers and providers into patient-centered collaboration.
  • Put data science magic (like predictive analytics and dynamic modeling) into our users’ hands through interactive features in collaboration with the Data Engineering & Data Science teams.
  • Build innovative and beautiful data visualizations that illuminate the path towards higher quality care at a lower cost.
  • Manage our high stakes production environment, ensuring high availability/low latency and protecting our sensitive data with rigorous security.
  • Identify big opportunities to improve our technology and our products, blazing trails through ambiguity.
  • Mentor more junior engineers and, in turn, learn from more senior engineers, because we are learners, not knowers, and growing Nuna’s people is the most reliable way to scale our impact.

Technologies used on the Project

  • Python, Django, SQL, testing tools (e.g. pytest)
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, React, module bundlers (e.g. Webpack), testing tools (e.g. Cypress, Jest), CSS, HTML
  • Linux, OS X
  • AWS ECS, RDS, Security Groups, IAM, Lambda; Hashicorp Terraform and Vault

What’s about project?

Project mission is to make high-quality healthcare affordable for everyone. We are dedicated to tackling one of our nation’s biggest problems with ingenuity, creativity, and a keen moral compass.
Project is committed to simple principles: a rigorous understanding of data, modern technology, and most importantly, compassion and care for our fellow human. We want to know what really works, what doesn’t—and why.
We partner with healthcare payers, including government agencies and health plans, to turn data into learnings and information into meaning.
As an engineering-led culture, you will be at the vanguard of making healthcare work for all Americans. Today, you’ll be helping hospitals improve quality of care, enabling health plans to pay for quality-of-care, not quantity-of-care, and matching patients to optimal doctors. Tomorrow, you’ll be creating even bigger and better products to shape this industry.

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