New Year’s Party at AgileEngine Ukraine

New Year’s party at AgileEngine UKraine — our VP of solutions dressed as Hunter Thompson

We had two bags of tangerines, seventy-five Rubik’s cubes, five red blazers, an aerosol can half full of spray-on cobweb, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored wigs, slinky rainbow springs, fake dollar bills, gold chains, bunny ears and also seven quarts of Jägermeister, seven quarts of Scotch, ten cases of Budweiser, a pint of orange juice and two dozen bottles of wine.

All this had been rounded up the night before, in a frenzy of highspeed driving all over Kharkiv – from Kholodnohirskyi district to Louis Pasteur street, we picked up everything we could get our hands on. Not that we needed all that for the party, but once you get locked into serious 90’s nostalgia, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

Okay, that’s enough for pop culture references:). As you might’ve guessed, we had an awesome 90’s themed New Year’s party and we want to share the joy with you.

Hope these photos will remind you about the fun you had during this winter’s holiday season.
a photo proving that IT-people can dance

New year is a magical time.
a trick with playing cards

A contest of the strongest.
arm wresling contest at AgileEngine

Nothing says ‘party’ like a black and white photo:)
yet another photo of people dancing

Selfie time!
photoception: a photo of people taking a photo (selfie)

Though we were joking about the Rubik’s cubes? Guess again!
Rubik's cubes at AgileEngine

Aside from photos, here’s a short video we’ve made:

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