Building a cross-channel idea-discovery platform with React Native and LAMP

Idea discovery app built with React Native

Did you know that you can turn yourself into the ultimate idea machine by writing down 10 random ideas a day?

Training your idea muscle is a terrific habit because great ideas drive positive change, making the world better. So wouldn’t it be uber-awesome to foster this habit by creating a tool that would encourage creative thinking, helping people share their brilliant ideas? What I’m talking about it a tool that would turn idea discovery into an efficient process…

Oh wait, we’re actually building a tool of this kind!

A couple of weeks ago, we’ve started working with a new client whose product is all about facilitating idea discovery. Their product targets organizations because let’s face it, most organizations could use a solution of this sort. And the fact that 34 angel investors decided to back up the project proves that successful entrepreneurs realize this.

As far as the functionality goes, the product enables companies to capture ideas from each and every employee, making sure that every person is heard. Aside from this, the tool that we’re working on will offer functionality for gathering and analyzing data on what ideas get the most traction. It will also feature a smart notification system, and a small social platform for all sorts of productive communication.

Naturally, the project covers both the Web and mobile. For the former, we will use the LAMP stack, and one of our skillful PHP leads will take charge of the process. For the latter, React Native will become our mobile development framework of choice. As you probably know, our team loves React Native, and we’re happy to get another opportunity to build software using this technology.

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