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We’ve built state-of-the-art React Native apps for world-class publishers and data-heavy startups.
We’re top-3%, we’re nearshore, and we’re inspired by challenge.


Why us?

Because our customers rate us higher than their in-house teams. We foster ownership mentality and productivity among our developers, and we guarantee excellent results.

98% recommend usAll of our clients continued working with us after the trial, and 98% of them recommended us to others.

Inc 5000 companyWe’re one of the few dev shops in the list of the fastest-growing US-based companies.

Local + nearshoreWe’re headquartered in DC, with development centers in Latin America and Eastern Europe.





We love React Native

React Native brings awesome speed to the development and production process. You write the same components for two different platforms, and you get an app that feels like it’s 100% native. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.

When writing an app in React Native, you get to reuse as much as 80% of your code for on iOS and Android. Imagine that you could save 80% of time and resources during production and still end up with code that works consistently on both platforms. This pretty much sums up what you can expect form React Native.

The great thing about React Native is that it’s nothing like Phonegap or any other of those ‘hybrid’ platforms. It’s not one of those write-once-run-everywhere HTML5 apps that look like websites “pretending” to be apps. React Native actually gives you native UI components, native speed, and native look and feel.

Some of our top people

Alex Kalinovsky

Alex Kalinovsky CTO / Founder

Alex Kalinovsky

CTO / Founder

Alex Kalinovsky
Alex Kalinovsky is a technologist and entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in software development. Coming from architecture and development background Alex was the original developer of AjaxSwing product. Prior to AgileEngine he has co-founded 2 successful companies in CTO role. He is actively helping startups and established companies with technical architecture and product vision and considers development as his main hobby.He is the author of Covert Java book and a frequent speaker on topics of tech startups, lean development and automated testing.
Yuriy Volkov Yuriy Volkov React Architect

Yuriy Volkov

React Architect

Yuriy Volkov
Senior Architect with large experience in OO Design and Development with React. Possesses in-depth knowledge of Agile Development Methodology, with vast experience as SCRUM team player.
Andrey Emelianenko Andrey Emelianenko React Tech Lead

Andrey Emelianenko

React Tech Lead

Andrey Emelianenko
  • Assisted in code reviews and formulated technology strategies.
  • Participated in deployment automation with Maven and Jenkins.
  • Prepared UML design patterns and object oriented programs.
  • Provided technical assistance in multithreaded programming.
  • Implemented continuous integration with Jenkins systems.
  • Executed meta programming and React gem development.
  • Maintained and managed compilers and technical environments to C
  • Provided technical support to React engineers.
Alexey Usachov Alexey Usachov UI Developer

Alexey Usachov

UI Developer

Alexey Usachov
  • Executed user interface designs from product requirements and UI specification.
  • Supported software engineers with execution of customer-side code in multi-tiered atmosphere.
  • Developed unit tests, site pages and assisted implementation of client web sites.
  • Developed an interface pattern library to share product management as well as development teams.
  • Developed componentized UI architecture providing UI elements for entire applications.
  • Performed with development teams plus product team using design as well as development phases.
  • Executed design principles and user experience to implement high-fidelity mockups as well as interaction flows.
  • Developed scalable and flexible UI architecture with Systems developers.
  • Supported development of back-end application parts feeding data to UI
  • Provided expertise and mentoring to interface design to project teams.

Technologies we use

Our ּBest Projects

Logi Analytics


Farmers Edge




XA Systems


A/B testing system


eCommerce Marketplace




Our values

These are the three pillars that support our business and the three principles that drive our growth.

We have half a decade of experience in mobile development, writing 100% of apps with React Native since 2016

From MVPs to platforms that support millions of users, we code software that looks beautiful and works fast. And yes, change is easy!

Top-3% talent, to be more specific. All of our developers are thoroughly vetted professionals with awesome communication skills

Let’s roll!

Ready to take you mobile app to the next level? Contact our team and tell us about your project.


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