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UX Can Make or Break a ProductINDUSTRY


43% of adults are only able to use simple, familiar software products with minimum interactions and navigation


44% of shoppers complain to their friends about negative online experiences


UI improvements can increase conversions by 200%


UX excellence can boost conversions by 400%

Our Well-Designed UX Brings Measurable ResultsOUR WORK

Redesign of an iOS app for an 80-million audience, resulting in a 4.6-star App Store rating

Continuous UX improvements for an analytics product featured by Gartner

Android app redesign that increased its Google Play rating from 3.0 to 4.7

Our Expertise Gets

Gartner featured the product we’ve created for our client

Best mobile apps and sites in 2018 and 2019

React Native Showcase featured our work

Fastest-growing US companies

Fastest-growing DC companies

Top B2B companies in Argentina and Ukraine

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Our ClientsREVIEWS

AgileEngine built a quality product, overcoming communication challenges and several fluctuations in staff. Their CEO’s strong leadership and desire to exceed expectations helps them stand out among other vendors, although clearly defining project ownership is recommended for future endeavors.

Doug Ramsay Director of Engineering, LivingSocial


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Lean UX: Design Strategy for the Software IndustryOUR APPROACH

Our team follows Lean UX, a feedback-driven approach that expands software product development with a design process that is:


Lean UX eliminates guesswork through measurements and testing


Designers collaborate with developers to produce optimal solutions


Design process integrates into Lean and Agile development


We focus our efforts on designing experiences that users will notice and appreciate

UX/UI Design and Product DevelopmentWHAT WE DO

The best products come from a close collaboration between designers and engineers. This is why a large part of our services revolves around software development

  • UX/UI Design
  • Consumer-facing web and mobile apps
  • Websites and e-stores
  • CMSs, admin panels, dashboards
  • Solutions for data visualization and analytics
  • Messengers
  • Platform software
  • Media-centric solutions
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Mobile apps: iOS, Android, cross-platform
  • Web applications and PWAs
  • Desktop software for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Enterprise solutions

Our UX Design ProcessHOW WE WORK

1 Define goals and vision

Vision document, user flows

2 Market and requirements analysis

Competitive analysis, requirements research, project scope estimation, UX recommendations

3 Ideation

Storyboards, user journeys, user stories

4 Napkin UX

High-level prototype of application screens and pages

5 Interactive prototyping and testing

High-fidelity interactive prototype, A/B testing or MVT, guerilla testing, remote testing

6 Final design

Development-ready design files, style guides, video demos of user interactions


The Scope of Our Work

  • Redesign of true native iOS/Android apps and engineering support for the migration to a cross-platform mobile technology (React Native)
  • Improvements of the web UI of the company


The flagship consumer media app of Bloomberg has millions of downloads and more than 100,000 reviews from iOS and Android users. In 2016, our experts participated in the redesign and migration of the app to a cross-platform architecture under a tight 5-month deadline.

Now that the app is live and loved, we’re expanding its feature set, providing test coverage for all functionality, and supporting the client’s web UI.

Project Details

The Scope of Our Work

  • Design and full-stack development of a multichannel A/B testing system
  • Solutions for data visualization and KPI analysis
  • Admin panels and dashboards accessible to non-technical users


The Groupon company LivingSocial resorted to our design and development expertise to build an internal software solution for its marketers.

This solution is an A/B testing system that scales to 85 million users across mobile, web, and email, enabling LivingSocial to run marketing experiments. A data solution used by non-technical people, it needed to be user-friendly.

Project Details

The Scope of Our Work

  • Prototypic and design of the MVP of data and performance monitoring products
  • Development of demos for the investors of XA Systems
  • Design and development of customer-facing versions of the product

XA Systems

XA Systems helps businesses work smart by providing them with a slew of data and team performance monitoring products. The company relies on the UX expertise of AgileEngine to make these products visually appealing and pleasant to use.

Our experts designed and developed the prototypes and demos of XA Systems, as well as the customer-centric versions of the product.

Project Details

The Scope of Our Work

  • UI/UX redesign and implementation of the Funny or Die app for Android
  • Design and development of the Funny or Die NewsFlash, Pitch and Weather
  • UX experiments and prototyping of VR/360 video functionality

Funny or Die

The award-winning entertainment company Funny or Die entrusted the redesign and implementation of its flagship Android app to our experts. Our work helped the company increase its Google Play rating from 3.0 to 4.7.

Our team also worked on several standalone mobile applications of Funny or Die and provided support for the company’s UX experiments with VR/360 video.

Project Details

The Scope of Our Work

  • Redesign of a case management product: improved UX, modern UI, styles, color scheme, and imagery
  • Design and development of a new product that enables cross-document text search and supports large volumes of data


The deliverables of our UI/UX experts for MicroPact include full modernization of the company’s case management software. We’ve streamlined the UX of the product and designed a new UI, complete with new styles, color scheme, and imagery.

We’ve also built our client’s new document management system that enables text search through billions of separate documents.

Project Details

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