TechReviewer names AgileEngine among the top 50 of software services companies

TechReviewer names top-50 software development companies

The US has more than 525,000 software services companies, which is why it means a lot when someone names you among the top 50. Rankings of this kind seem even more meaningful and important when they come from analytics firms focused on technology and software.

In November, AgileEngine appeared in one of the rankings of this kind. The market analytics hub TechReviewer named AgileEngine among the leading providers of software development services. Our company earned the 31st spot in TechReviewer’s list.

This is the second time TechReviewer mentioned AgileEngine in 2019, and we will do our very best to stay on their radar in 2020. The 2019 list features 10% of the 500 companies researched and ranked by TechReviewer. As for the factors determining the ranking, TechReviewer highlights reliability and the ability to serve projects of different sizes as essential distinguishing qualities.

About TechReviewer

TechReviewer publishes and regularly updates rankings of software development companies based on proprietary analytics and methodology. In addition to covering the broader software development industry, the company also has lists that narrow down on specific domains like IoT, blockchain, and AI. TechReviewer also ranks agencies and dev shops that specialize in web design and e-commerce development.

About AgileEngine

AgileEngine is a collective of 400+ software developers, QAs, designers, data engineers, and managers working with 50+ companies on more than 70 digital products.

In the past 10 years, we’ve helped our clients pioneer in technologies like React Native and build products from the ground up. We’ve also enabled our clients to reengineer old-school monoliths into modern scalable architectures that leverage technologies like Node, Scala, and services like AWS.

If you need top-3% engineers to build something exciting, contact us and ask us about our no-risk strategy and 30-day trial.

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