Farmers Edge

Flagship products development

Since 2005, Farmers Edge has been providing solid support for farmers through the combination of on-farm hardware, AI-driven analytics, and digital agronomy.

The company develops products that increase the ROI of farming operations through data-driven decision-making and risk prediction based on real-time insights.

Farmers Edge leveraged AgileEngine to support its development and QA efforts and deliver products that service 20 million acres of farmland worldwide.

Farmers Edge
Farmers Edge Farmers Edge
  • Technology
    React Native, Redux, React-router, Redux-sagas, JavaScript
  • Domains of expertise
    Mobile and web app development
  • Business domain
    Precision agriculture, data analytics

Building intelligent apps for farmers across the globe

Our engineers’ engagement with the client covers multiple mobile and web applications. We’ve worked on a satellite imagery system, a farm management platform, and a soil testing app, all based on React and React Native. The scope of our work included, but was not limited to, intelligent data filtering, localization to multiple languages, implementation of offline mode for mobile, real-time vehicle tracking, data visualization, and reporting.

Our experts also provided QA support services for multiple simultaneous projects and contributed to the overall development culture at Farmers Edge. This enabled our client to continuously optimize the product engineering process within the company.

Farmers Edge 1 Farmers Edge 2 Farmers Edge 3 Farmers Edge 4


  • Developed GridCalc and Hefty, mobile and web apps for soil analysis
  • Developed CAB, a mobile version of the FarmCommand app, an all-in-one farm management platform that helps farmers make data-driven decisions related to crop growth, rests, yield, and other aspects
  • Provided front-end development services for ZoneManager, an application that enables satellite imagery and analytics to monitor crop health and any changes in soil or vegetation

Business Outcomes

  • 4.6 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • on the App Store
  • 4.3 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • on Google Play
  • 4.4 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • on AppGrooves
  • 1000+
  • Installs
  • Farmers Edge worked with our team to build and release an industry-first automatic crop health change detection tool
  • The client leveraged our expertise to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality solutions under time constraints
  • With more engineering resources on board, Farmers Edge is able to focus its internal efforts on new products

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The Groupon company LivingSocial resorted to our design and development expertise to build an internal software solution for its marketers.

This solution is an A/B testing system that scales to 85 million users across mobile, web, and email, enabling LivingSocial to run marketing experiments. A data solution used by non-technical people, it needed to be user-friendly.

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Founded in 2012 and used by Fortune 500 companies, TransVoyant is a pioneering provider of predictive analytics solutions for logistics, supply chain management, and delivery tracking.

The company’s proprietary ML platform forecasts opportunities and business disruptions by collecting and analyzing more than one trillion events each day.

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Delivery Hero

A multinational food delivery service that processes more than a million daily orders, Delivery Hero partners with 500,000+ restaurants globally.

In the course of its decade-long history, Delivery Hero acquired competing services among which is the Berlin-based Foodora. It was this service that started our collaboration with Delivery Hero

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Funny or Die

The award-winning entertainment company Funny or Die entrusted the redesign and implementation of its flagship Android app to our experts. Our work helped the company increase its Google Play rating from 3.0 to 4.7.

Our team also worked on several standalone mobile applications of Funny or Die and provided support for the company’s UX experiments with VR/360 video.

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Due to its quick growth, Frichti needed more engineering brainpower to fuel its software platforms. To expand beyond France and reach thousands of new users, the company chose to extend its product team with nearshore engineers from AgileEngine.

The most-funded startup in France, Frichti caters to home-made food lovers who don’t have time to cook.

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Bleacher Report

AgileEngine helped Bleacher Report develop one of the fastest-growing sports websites in the US. A large part of the 60-million monthly views that this website gets stems from the optimization for mobile formats, the work delivered by our experts.

Our focus with Bleacher Report was also on integrations and the full-stack development of an array of tools that enable marketing experiments. The latter includes the development of a feature-rich UI based on React.

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The Medical Team

The Medical Team ranks among the top 25% of certified home health care agencies in the US according to the HomeCare Elite.

The company works with AgileEngine on the functionality of its patient and employee management systems. The solutions we’ve built enable healthcare companies to track and store patient data, process documents, and manage workflows.

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Verified First

The AgileEngine UI/UX team worked on the design of the client’s HR tool FirstVoice. This tool enables employers to ensure a healthy work environment, eliminate toxic behavior, and significantly reduce talent turnover.

Through a secure app-based reporting experience, users can safely report any misconduct or harassment cases for employers to act upon.

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FarmersEdge combines Big Data, IoT (including satellite imagery and on-site weather stations) and VR in an award-winning farm management solution.

This solution offers actionable insights to farmers via an intuitive mobile app that we helped bring to life.

Project Details


AgileEngine has been the main software development vendor for the VMware subsidiary VeloCloud for more than 2 years.

Our dedicated team has been providing UI development, feature development, and testing expertise that helped drive the core product verticals of VeloCloud. This includes migration to a modern Angular-based UI architecture, engineering and UI testing coverage of new features, and UI updates for existing functionality.

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Founded in 2011 in the UK, Kantox offers FX management solutions to more than 5,100 clients in 158 countries.

The company enables brands like Hotwire, Synthesio, and Iberostar to automate their FX transactions, process international payments, and manage currency exposure in a smart way.

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TechStyle Fashion Group is an online subscription service with 5 million active members and a progressive approach to design and merchandising.

A data-driven company to its core, TechStyle researches the values, interests, and passions of consumers to launch fashion brands that target specific demographics. The company also collaborates with celebrities like Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, and Kate Hudson to boost consumer engagement.

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A Silver-level member of Oracle Partner Network, Syncurity virtualizes enterprise security operations with an incident response platform for cybersecurity automation, compliance, and workflow.

Founded in 2014, the company became America’s premier market-centric cybersecurity accelerator and its success was showcased in The Washington Post, NBC, and CRN.

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