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Washington Business Journal Interviewed AgileEngine CEO Alex Kalinovsky

Washington Business Journal Interviewed AgileEngine CEO Alex Kalinovsky

It looks like the skyrocketing growth that AgileEngine has experienced in 2019 hasn’t gone unnoticed. In addition to our fourth consecutive year on the Inc 5000 list, we’ve appeared on the radars of ranking agencies and publishers in DC. These include DC Inno, Growjo, and the Washington Business Journal. And it’s not just rankings either.

In September, the Washington Business Journal named AgileEngine among the top-75 fastest-growing privately-held companies in DC. Two months later, the publisher offered our CEO Alex Kalinovsky to share his thoughts in an interview.

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AgileEngine ranks #152 on Clutch 1000

Clutch 1000 logo on white background

If you’ve been following the news about AgileEngine, you certainly know that we get a lot of recognition from Clutch.

A renowned provider of ratings and reviews of B2B firms, Clutch names AgileEngine a top-3 custom software development company in DC and #1 in Argentina. In 2019, the company also named us the #7 Node developers globally and a leading B2B company in Ukraine.

In December, we have received a new honorable mention, and it’s really special. This time, we won a spot on Clutch 1000, a global ranking of top B2B companies that Clutch names its most exclusive.

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TechReviewer names AgileEngine among the top 50 of software services companies

TechReviewer names top-50 software development companies

The US has more than 525,000 software services companies, which is why it means a lot when someone names you among the top 50. Rankings of this kind seem even more meaningful and important when they come from analytics firms focused on technology and software.

In November, AgileEngine appeared in one of the rankings of this kind. The market analytics hub TechReviewer named AgileEngine among the leading providers of software development services. Our company earned the 31st spot in TechReviewer’s list.

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DC Inno includes AgileEngine into the 50 on Fire list

DC Inno 50 on Fire logo

Innovation has always been central to our company and team. In 2016 when React Native was still uncharted territory, we were already building a React Native app for an 80-million audience. Our portfolio includes projects in bleeding-edge industries like aerospace, blockchain, IoT, AR, VR, and machine learning.

This October, the innovative spirit that has been driving AgileEngine has finally gotten recognition. On October 10, 2019, the online magazine DC Inno featured AgileEngine on its 50 on Fire list. Meant as a celebration of the innovators based in the Washington metropolitan area, the list features companies and individuals prominent within the local community.

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Growjo named AgileEngine among the fastest-growing DC Companies

Growjo logo

The Inc. magazine, the Washington Business Journal, and now Growjo! The AgileEngine rocket ship has gotten on yet another radar🚀.

Growjo, the data-savvy company focused on indexing the world’s fastest-growing businesses, has recently published its DC report. The report mentions AgileEngine as the 72nd company on Growjo’s list, noting the impressive 80% growth of our team.

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Clutch names AgileEngine among the highest-ranking B2B firms in Ukraine

Clutch named AgileEngine a leading B2B company in Ukraine (logo)

There are more than 4000 technology companies in Ukraine, with over 1600 specializing in software development services. Out of these 1600+ firms, 567 are on the list of the leading software developers according to Clutch. AgileEngine is one of these industry-leading firms.

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AgileEngine Joins Washington Business Journal’s TOP-75 Fastest-Growing DC Companies

Washington Business Journal

Not long ago, we’ve heard some epic news from Inc.: the magazine featured us on its list of America’s 5000 fastest-growing privately held businesses. Today, we have similar (and equally epic) news from the Washington Business Journal. Guess who is on the list of the top-75 fastest-growing companies in the Washington area?

The word “Growth” is perfect for describing how we’ve spent the past few years. Today, we have more than 400 talented software engineers and designers, up from 301 in 2018. Our R&D teams in Kyiv and Kharkiv have outgrown their workspaces, making us add new offices. Our teams in Odesa and Buenos Aires have also grown significantly to meet our ever-increasing need for top-3% tech talent.

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