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Clutch named AgileEngine the #1 B2B vendor in Argentina

Clutch rating of top B2B companies in Latin America

Long story short, now we are the #1 custom software development vendor and the #1 B2B firm in Argentina. More reasons for talented people to join our Argentinian team in Buenos Aires!

Now, here’s the whole story. In August, the research and rating firm Clutch published a ranking of the business services firms of Latin America and the Caribbean. This ranking covers 13 countries and hundreds of firms. Just like in the case of other rankings from Clutch, the foundations for this one are market presence and the reviews from verified clients.

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Clutch names AgileEngine among the leaders in Node and AngularJS development

Logo for Clutch 2019 Leading Developers

We simply can’t get enough of recognition from Clutch in 2019. This May, the word’s #1 ratings and reviews website updated its lists of leaders across a huge array of technologies. Guess who ranks among the best firms in Node and AngularJS?:)

Unlike most of the charts and leader matrices published on Clutch, this one isn’t location-specific. Instead, the new study features dev shops from all over the world and zooms in on something it calls Technology Focus Areas. The latter represent specific platforms (like iPad, wearables, or WordPress), languages, frameworks (like AngularJS or Django), specializations (like cross-platform development), etc.

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Making job search better for 200+ million people

"For Hire" sign

What is the first job search website that you’ve ever used? Few people will remember The Online Career Center, but it was the first large platform for posting resumes and job openings. In 1994, NetStart Inc. followed — first as a B2B software sold directly to companies and then later on as a public website.

1994 is also the year when an even more renowned job website,, became available online. In 1995, a service called emerged as the product of collaboration between the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers. The year 1996 saw the launch of, a website that later became Yahoo HotJobs.

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AgileEngine named a top-5 developer in the new Clutch ranking for DC and Baltimore

Clutch ranking in DC and Baltimore

This March, Clutch named the best B2B firms in DC and Baltimore, and we were stoked to see AgileEngine among the top 5 software developers!

There are two reasons for our excitement. First, Clutch is a renowned rankings provider known to virtually everyone in the software development industry. Second, Clutch ranks companies based on reviews from verified clients. With this in mind, we love to think of Clutch rankings as a pretty good indicator of the quality of the services we deliver. The latter is also the reason why our teams keep printed versions of their clients’ reviews.

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Four Megatrends in Big Data in 2019 and Beyond

Megatrends in Big Data

2018 was the second consecutive year when Gartner published an obituary of Big Data. If this sounds like bad news, don’t panic! No one, including Gartner, thinks Big Data is dead. Au contraire, Big Data has grown so ubiquitous it became “just data”, or so argue the authors of the obituaries.

Data certainly was all over the place in 2018 so let’s see how the market has changed and what to expect in 2019 and beyond. This article covers 4 trends that will shape the data technology in the next few years.

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Technology can help 500K students. Here’s how:

Angular logo

You probably heard that life isn’t easy for US students. College fees now exceed $45,000 per year, which made student loans the new normal. This also means that school grads often have to postpone higher education and work multiple jobs to scrape up some money.

Even during senior years, there’s the pressure of taking SATs, applying to colleges and finding financial aid. All of these come on top of trying to maintain good grades, often while working part-time jobs. If this seems like a lot of pressure, that’s actually the reality that 500,000 American students face every year.

So how can you stay on top of all of this? According to our new client, you can take part of the hassle out of the students’ lives with the right software product.

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5 Software Development Trends Shaping the Media Industry in 2019

Software development trends in media in 2019

Deloitte says there were 250+ media streaming channels in the US in 2018, with the average user subscribing to only three or four. This makes for fierce competition. How do you win in a market like this?

Fixing content discovery seems like a workable tactic. According to Deloitte, people spend up to an hour a day searching for content, which leaves plenty of room for optimization. Two traditional strategies that media businesses pursue are exploration of new formats and expansion of content reach. Gaining user trust is yet another course of action that has become painfully relevant amid the 2018’s influx of fake news and privacy breaches.

Each of these represent approaches and strategies that our clients follow. A significant portion of the AgileEngine portfolio are products for media brands, including viral video platforms and global newspapers and magazines. Let’s see what technologies can help companies of this type succeed in the crowded media space of 2019.

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