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Maximize efficiency and avoid performance degradation while achieving crystal-clear data.

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Unify data for analysis and reporting with ETL pipelines, data governance, data quality checks, and monitoring.

Featured deliverables

Gain insight into vast amounts of data and drive the business forward.

Featured deliverables

Turn raw data into actionable information with ML solutions for data collection, organization, summarizing, analysis, and recommendations.

Featured deliverables

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Data vendors to Tesla, Wells Fargo, and IBM report up to 15x performance improvements with our solutions

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Identify your business goals and challenges to determine optimal team composition.
Collect relevant data points to get a clear understanding of the current situation.
Detect data patterns and develop potentials solutions to coordinate further actions.
Refine strategies and processes for quick and efficient solutions development.
Monitor and fine-tune the delivered solutions to ensure maximum long-term performance.

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“Their team is skilled, hardworking, and communicative. Their project management style is also noteworthy. Customers can expect quality work at a reasonable price.”
Data and analytics company
“Since hiring them, we’ve seen significant improvements in velocity, sprint cadence, and ticket volume. They are aware of our limitations and have built bridges to address them.”
Head of QA
Smart agriculture solutions vendor
“As vendors go, they’re fairly high on my list. I would use them again with any company I went to. They work hand in hand with our internal engineering team, passing responsibility for executing and problem-solving back and forth as we switch shifts."
Senior Director of Engineering
BI and analytics tools provider
“They’re invested in what they’re doing. They took ownership of our project and become a real partner to us.”
Executive Vice President
Real estate valuation and analytics solutions provider
“You don’t have to provide fine grain details when you want them to work on complex tasks. They’ve been involved with at least four major components, which are used in everything from our UI’s to core functionalities that interact with our database.”
Head of Data Science
AI platform provider for the telecommunications industry

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