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iOS, Android, cross-platform — we have a proven track record of building mobile apps that win awards and are downloaded by millions.

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In mobile, quality is critical for success

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of app uninstalls result from performance issues like freezing or crashes


of users quit apps because of underwhelming UX


app users are ready to switch to better, more useful alternatives

The mobile apps we develop are:


Fast, smooth apps are only possible with optimal architecture solutions and clean, well-tested code-bases


We choose modern technologies with excellent support from the development community

Loved by users

Proven by high ratings on Apple App Store and Google Play


Our expertise gets recognition

Top-3 mobile
developers in DC

One of the fastest-growing US companies

Top-3 talent from Ukraine and Argentina


We are great at:






app development

Our proof of success

Facebook featured the app we’ve built in under 5 months on the React Native Showcase

Our redesign of our client’s Android app increased its Google Play rating from 3.0 to 4.7.

Webby Awards winners and nominees for best mobile app

Trusted by industry leaders and startups

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and 60 more


Our clients’ reviews


“AgileEngine’s developers have adjusted well to the complex software they had little prior experience with.
Still, they have performed to a level on par with the in-house developers. They have been eager to learn and contribute, becoming invested in the overall quality of the deliverables.”

Chris Johnson


Centriq Technology, Inc

“Since hiring AgileEngine, the company has seen significant improvements in velocity, sprint cadence, and ticket volume.
The agency excels at identifying high-quality talent and scaling to meet increasingly complicated requirements.
Their intuition and accessibility are consistently exceptional.”

Jeff Phillips

Head of Quality Assurance

Farmers Edge

“App stability and number of users has increased markedly since the engagement began.
AgileEngine not only produces high quality deliverables, but also demonstrates a vested interest in long-term outcomes and customer business needs.
Responsiveness and a can-do attitude makes them a valuable partner.”


Implant Compare

“The client was impressed by the code developed by AgileEngine as well as the professionalism and timeliness displayed by the developers.
Despite collaborating remotely, they successfully prioritized deadlines and milestones to drive the project forward. They followed up regularly.”

Truls Henriksen


The Activate Company

“The proof of concept was very successful and there have already been offerings for a real-life product in the marketplace.
AgileEngine provided valuable feedback to help avoid potential issues, while their commitment and ability to work fast made them a reliable partner.”

Jeff Allen

Executive Vice President


“The in-house team is satisfied and still uses all the systems AgileEngine has developed.
Highly experienced, AgileEngine was able to meet every need, while their flexibility and superb organizational skills helped them keep the projects on track and avoid any issues.”

Ted Tzirimis


The Medical Team

“AgileEngine provides highly-skilled developers with the experience necessary to program complex systems.
They produce vast amounts of code with limited resources.
Capable of adapting to a frequently changing project scope, their senior developer demonstrates efficient management skills.”

Vladimir Sarpe


ClickDishes Inc.

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