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Featured AI/ML solutions and focus areas

Predictive analytics

Guide business decisions with highly accurate, granular forecasts of global-scale disruptions, market trends, operational risks, customer demand, user churn, and more.

Fraud detection

Leverage deep learning to eliminate fraud across a wide range of industry-specific solutions, from finance to Web 3.0, HealthTech, digital advertising, e-commerce, and telecommunications.

Natural language processing

Virtual agents and chatbots, electronic discovery, or recommendation engines — our NLP solutions bring human-like intelligence to your digital products. .

Content analysis

Automatically classify text, images, audio, and videos, generate metadata, uncover insights, and analyze content for marketing, UX, and other purposes.

Generative AI

Integrate large language models and tailor generative AI to your data, business goals, and product strategy. Our experience with highly scalable and secure cloud-native solutions will help accelerate your AI transformation.

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Choose an optimal 
AI/ML development strategy

Integrate AI/ML APIs into your software

Embrace a lean strategy for adding AI functionality to your products

Optimal applications

  • Basic AI chatbots
  • Sentiment analysis
  • E-discovery and information extraction
  • Content and code generation

Customize third-party AI with proprietary data

Build highly customized enterprise tools supercharged by AI

Optimal applications

  • Virtual agents
  • Specialized AI copilots
  • Decision support
  • Specialized content and code generation
  • Prediction, search, and recommendation engines

Train custom AI/ML models

Create proprietary ML models and harness the full potential of AI

Optimal applications

  • Custom industry-specific generative and predictive AI tools
  • Applications with a high degree of security

Compare AI adoption strategies

Our process


AI strategy and architecture

We study your data, AI, and ML infrastructure, strategy, and challenges to recommend optimal solution architecture and technology.

Solutions estimation and roadmapping

Our team provides you with range estimates, and together, we agree on key milestones and the resources needed to achieve them.

Solution support, monitoring, and enhancement

Our AI/ML and data systems get the necessary monitoring solutions to prevent model drift and ensure best-in-class reliability.

AI solution design and development

Delivery takes the form of agile sprints, and you always get 100% transparency regarding team performance and solutions status.

Tailor our services to your business

Our process is agile, flexible, and highly customizable to your business goals. See how it fits into your strategy.

See what clients say about us

AgileEngine is able to fill the gap and find the appropriate expertise for the technologies we use. They work on both the integration side and the development side, helping us create web-based UIs. They also help on the core side of our platform using a number of technologies like Spark, big data, and databases.
Head of Data Science, MLOps vendor to T-Mobile and Deloitte
AgileEngine consistently develops clean code that seamlessly integrates with APIs amidst strict security limitations. Internal reviews ensure high-quality deliverables, while creativity, efficient communication, and strong mathematical foundations of the team continue to ensure success.
VP of engineering, data collection and reporting project
Development velocity estimates are in line with sprint projections. AgileEngine is direct in their communication and eager to provide alternate options when plans need to be adapted.
Co-Founder & COO, Predictive AI for the InsurTech and automotive industry
The in-house team is satisfied and still uses all the systems AgileEngine has developed. Highly experienced, AgileEngine was able to meet every need, while their flexibility and superb organizational skills helped them keep the projects on track and avoid any issues.
CIO, HealthCare company
AgileEngine was able to improve how the systems worked by suggesting a specific tech stack and a new architecture. They are able to scale the team as needed, resulting in a smooth workflow and efficient process.
CIO, E-commerce aggregate platform

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Why AI Studio?


of experience with ML solutions

10+ industries

in our AI, ML, and data portfolio

2xefficiency boost

via proven nearshore strategies

Strong market presence

AI Studio is a part of AgileEngine, an Inc. 5000 1000-people firm

Cross-functional expertise

From ML models to development and AI-specific UX design

10+ locations

Engage AI, ML, and data experts on your time zone

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Featured AI case studies


Subscriber churn prediction scaling beyond 26 million users

Learn more

Subscriber churn prediction scaling beyond 26 million users

Deliverables: Predictive AI solution based on AWS Sagemaker, AWS Batch, and XGBoost Automated monitoring enabling the client to detect and mitigate model degradation Data engineering solutions for the company’s insights and analytics teams Optimization and migration of critical data pipelines Introduction of version control for analytics projects Automation of data extraction and other processes Technologies: AWS Sagemaker, AWS Batch, XGBoost, AWS ECS, AWS EMR, Python, Airflow, Snowflake, TableauAWS Sagemaker, AWS Batch, XGBoost, AWS ECS, AWS EMR, Python, Airflow, Snowflake, Tableau
icon Predictive AI powering a supply chain orchestration vendor to IBM and Merck Learn more

Predictive AI powering a supply chain orchestration vendor to IBM and Merck

Deliverables: Machine learning solutions and infrastructure for processing high-volume real-time data Predictive analytics of disruptions caused by weather, natural disasters, supplier or logistics failure, labor strikes, and other factors Data visualization and log analytics Highly scalable data integrations Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Maven, Amazon AWS, Angular 8, Docker, Kafka, Ansible, ELK stack, Apache Tools
icon Fraud and insider trading detection systems used at the NYSE and Nasdaq Learn more

Fraud and insider trading detection systems used at the NYSE and Nasdaq

Deliverables: Machine learning and deep learning algorithms enhancing the fraud detection capabilities of the platform Fraud and insider trading detection systems running against a data warehouse to automatically catch violations and initiate the investigation process Test data for testing algorithms performance and the consolidation of audit trails programs Technologies: AWS, Apache Spark, Scala, Python, Angular, Java, Hadoop
icon NPL-based recommendations and ML-driven MarTech built for a top-3 job search site with 350 million monthly users Learn more

NPL-based recommendations and ML-driven MarTech built for a top-3 job search site with 350 million monthly users

Deliverables: NLP-based recommendations engine enhancing the UX via personalized content Marketing leads enrichment solution leveraging proximity clustering and resulting in higher campaign ROI Optimization of the data architecture to improve analytics, reporting, and machine learning capabilities Technologies: HDFS, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Python, Airflow, Docker, Google Bigquery, Snowflake
icon AI-powered AdTech tools for a Verizon, P&G, and Microsoft vendor Learn more

AI-powered AdTech tools for a Verizon, P&G, and Microsoft vendor

Deliverables: Neural network that clusters images by similarity and dramatically speeds up processing, enabling precise ad placement optimization Custom AI solution that analyzes the videos and briefly describes them for content metadata generation Technologies: AWS Sagemaker, Java Spring Framework, JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, MySQL, React.js, Grafana, Prometheus, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS
icon Risk prediction of traffic accidents with 90% accuracy Learn more

Risk prediction of traffic accidents with 90% accuracy

Deliverables: Predictive AI system forecasting accidents Watchlist with an AI/ML engine built to analyze 40 billion miles of driver data The client’s core product, brought from an early startup to an enterprise-grade solution for insurers and truck fleet companies Technologies: Scala, Play Framework, Slick, PostgreSQL, Go, Python, TeamCity, Docker, Amazon Services, Auth0, Golang, JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Redux, Immutable.js

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Explore AI/ML development strategies with our expert

Meet your AI solutions team


AI/ML solution architect

Key responsibilities:

  • Technical design and architecture
  • Technology selection and advisory
  • Team assembly
  • Solution and team oversight

Data scientists

Key responsibilities:

  • Data organization, processing, cleaning, and validation with ML
  • Data analysis
  • Prediction systems design
  • Communication of insights and advisory on solutions

Data/ML engineers

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and development of AI/ML applications and data pipelines
  • Training, retraining, and monitoring of ML systems and models
  • Optimization and improvement of AI/ML and data solutions, libraries, and frameworks
  • Execution of ML tests and experiments

Software engineers

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and development of software systems supporting AI/ML and data solutions
  • Software maintenance, optimization, and modernization
  • Cross-functional collaboration with AI/ML, data, management, and design experts

DevOps engineers

Key responsibilities:

  • Shortening and enhancement of the development lifecycle for AI/ML and data solutions
  • Automation and optimization of the work of data/ML engineering, software development, and IT operations
  • Deployment process monitoring and troubleshooting

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