Ruby on Rails and Ember for Performance Chatting

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Ruby on Rails and Ember for Performance Chatting

Behold the internet, one of the fundamental drivers of converting the future into today! The explosive pace of technological progress across society has been spurned by the widespread use of this communications technology. The Digital Age is indeed a special era for humanity’s growth!

Not all advances, though, lead to earthshaking cultural changes, furthering productivity. The advent of digital communications gave rise counterproductive things, too, allowing the Chatty Cathies of your office to gossip with their coworkers.

We can’t entirely blame Chatty Cathy. Let’s face it: it’s always been fun to chat. A Billion Facebookers can’t all be wrong. Besides, chats can be productive, and Slack isn’t the only example.

One of our latest clients offers yet another case of putting our natural desire to chat to a productive use. This awesome team has combined a team chat with a slew of performance measurement tools and came up with a truly synergetic app for office collaboration.

Some of their excellent features include chat, file sharing and notifications. Teams and individual members are given scorecards to make things competitive and interesting as they complete assigned tasks. All this comes with 360-degree awareness of a project’s progress and some slick time-management features.

About this Project

The long-term goal set before our team sounds simple: help the application level up from “awesome” to “amazing”. To do this, we’ll focus on improving its stability and scalability. As far as techy aspects of our work are concerned, we’ll use Ruby on Rails on the back end, along with EmberJS for the UI.

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