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Untested software
is expensiveINDUSTRY

$1,500 → $10,000

IBM estimates that a bug that costs $100 in the requirements phase will cost $1,500 in QA and $10,000 in production


21% of an average project budget goes into fixing defects that originate from requirements and design

$ 1.1 million

The cost of technical debt for an average application with 300,000 lines of code is $1.1 million

QA expertise trusted
by industry leadersLEADERSHIP

We ensure high software quality of the products that win awards and get worldwide recognition

Our engineers are responsible for the QA strategy and the implementation of testing for an analytics product recognized by Gartner, Dresner, and G2Crowd

The AgileEngine team introduced TDD to a social marketplace acclaimed by the Webby Award

Our engineers take ownership of the quality and automation testing of new features of a mobile app featured by Facebook on the React Native Showcase

AgileEngine is a Golden Partner of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board

The quality of our
deliverables, according
to our clientsREVIEWS

AgileEngine delivers quality work, much of which can be attributed to their ability to supply such expert resources that fit well with the internal tech stack. They’ve effectively become part of the internal team while providing a good ROI. Responsive and timely, they communicate seamlessly.

Kevin Heidorn COO, Yobi

Testing automation

In our 10-year experience, we’ve done it all:

ROI-driven automation strategy

Development of automated test with every major language, framework, and tool

Automation of manual tests

Introduction of automaton, BDD, and TDD to development teams

Development of custom automation testing frameworks

Manual testingEXPERTISE

We’ve contributed to healthy releases for projects ranging from agile to hybrid development, to waterfall

Test strategy

  • Evaluation of project goals, development process, QA tools, and artifacts
  • Planning of QA objectives, methods, tools, and environment
  • Maintenance and development of testing strategies
  • Development of testing documentation and cases

Test execution

  • Testing on devices and emulators (e.g. AWS Device Farm, Appetize.io)
  • Cooperation with developers on the investigation and resolution of issues
  • Facilitation of QA through best practices and tools
  • Verification and documentation of bugs and fixes

Success storiesPORTFOLIO

Done by our QA team:

  • Design, architecture, and development of an A/B testing solution
  • Full coverage of the product with unit, BDD, performance, and UI tests
  • Load and performance testing with Gatling
  • Collection of data for backend processing (with a data warehouse and stream processing) while keeping the overhead under 100 milliseconds per request

Testing types:

  • • Load testing
  • • Performance testing




Our nearshore team worked with the Groupon brand LivingSocial on the company’s A/B testing system.

We’ve been following test-driven development (TDD), scrum, and continuous integration (CI) while building the system, and we’ve provided complete test coverage for it. Namely, our developers wrote unit, performance, and UI tests ensuring that the product remains stable while reaching 87 million people.

Project Details

Done by our QA team:

  • Test strategy with analysis, test plans, ETAs, and risk assessment
  • Optimization of regression tests resulting in 2x faster test runs
  • Implementation of workflow tests that cover multiple services
  • Documentation, how-tos, and test instructions on an internal Wiki
  • Improvements of transparency of the regression test reports for the client’s management

Testing types:

  • • End-to-end testing
  • • CRUD testing
  • • Workflow testing
  • • Regression testing




UI and API testing are among the activities that AgileEngine is responsible for as the primary technology partner of the VMWare subsidiary VeloCloud. In the past 3 months, our team has increased the test coverage from 1400 to 3500 working tests.

Our team has covered much of the business-critical features of our client’s product with CRUD and workflow tests, as well as regression tests.

Project Details

Done by our QA team:

  • Development of a data analytics solution that checks the updates of the state of analytics
  • Automation tests coverage with installation, upgrade, performance, and stress tests
  • Manual testing

Testing types:

  • • End-to-end testing
  • • Regression testing
  • • A/B testing
  • • Integration testing
  • • Performance testing
  • • Stress testing




Our QA engineers helped Relativity debug an ediscovery product that 13,000 organizations use during litigation, internal investigations, and compliance.

We’ve reduced defects and hotfixes by 90%, boosting the stability and accuracy of the product.

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