A worldwide food delivery startup has partnered with AgileEngine to outsource some of its software development

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AgileEngine outsource software development

Washington, DC: One of the biggest worldwide food delivery startups headquartered in Europe has chosen AgileEngine software development outsourcing company to support and improve the features of its software solutions in 10 countries worldwide. With the help of our full-stack software developers, the company is working to improve its services and conquer new markets.

Our Java, Ruby, and UI (JavaScript, React) Software Engineers have already started software development services for the improvement of existing features of a mobile application which allows users to order food online.

The ultimate goal of the project is to help our new client to create a cutting-edge product with unbeatable competitive advantages that ensures a forever-lasting customer loyalty on multiple markets.

We’re very proud that a leading name in the international food delivery market has entrusted AgileEngine the implementation of its ambitious business goals. We’re looking forward to starting this project and contributing all our professional expertise and skills for the future success of our new client.

About AgileEngine
We are a software development company headquartered in Washington, DC with development centers in Eastern Europe and Argentina. As a nearshore outsourcing company, we build teams of dedicated programmers for global technology leaders and ambitious startups. Since 2000 we’ve been successfully using Lean and Agile development methodologies to turn ideas into software that people love. 100% client retention rate is our top credit! If you have any questions regarding agile offshore software development – contact us!
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