How to make software development estimation work for engineers and business

Software development estimation

We all know that software development estimation is hard, for many reasons:

  • In and by itself, software development is too dynamic and complex for precise estimates.
  • Estimates are perishable, even more so in Agile.
  • Parkinson’s law, Hofstadter’s law, Goodhart’s law, and a dozen more eponymic laws prove that accurate software estimation is impossible.

These points are probably nothing new to you. They come to the fore whenever engineers talk about estimating software development. Yet, there’s one more stumbling stone that people don’t bring up that often:

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Africa-focused market research platform

When I was a kid, the most I knew about Sub-Saharan Africa was from that classic movie, “The Gods must be crazy.” The movie centers around a Kalahari Bushman named Xixo. Having been nearly bonked on the head by a glass coca-cola bottle, Xixo has been granted the quest by village elders to throw the cursed object off the edge of the world.

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AGILEENGINE NAMED #1 Custom Software Development Company in San Francisco

We are stoked to announce that Clutch, the research platform known to everyone in tech, named AgileEngine the LEADING Custom Software Developer in San Francisco. The news comes from a press release published on PR Newswire on Mar 29, 2018.

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AgileEngine Rated One of Top 3 Ukrainian Tech Companies for 2018

The awards and recognitions keep stacking up for AgileEngine. Soon, we’re going to need to clear off some room on our wall to hang yet another plaque.

Recently, AgileEngine has earned yet another worthy distinction. DOU listed us among the top-3 Ukrainian tech companies with 200–800 employees. Far from being a one-hit wonder on this list, AgileEngine has been topping the Ukrainian tech charts since 2010.

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Keeping Canadians Indoors and Safe. React Native App for a Canadian Real Estate Service

Hailing from the great state of Minnesota, I was always very suspicious of my neighbors just to the north of us: The Canadians. Their ways were very foreign to us. Who makes a sport of sliding rocks on ice while sweeping? Their national dish Poutine, while delicious, has a rather unappealing look to it. So when I heard that Canadians live in houses, instead of igloos and trailer parks, as I had been lead to believe, I was more than a bit skeptical about these dubious claims.

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Bubble Management Mobile App

As a kid, I got to learn the housing market from the bottom up. When my dad wasn’t working on his main business, weekends and evenings were spent with his rental property. Wrench in hand, when other kids spent Saturday mornings watch the TMNTs, I was helping fix a tenant’s kitchen sink with my Papa. Over the course of 25 years, he acquired around 70 houses and apartment buildings across Southeast Minnesota.

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Augmenting the future of AR

Even despite the initial hurdles with Google Glass, augmented reality is gaining traction in the broader consumer market. In many ways, AR owes this Apple and their implementation of the technology in the new iPhone lineup. Yet another factor driving the rise of AR is the benefits the technology offers to heavy-duty manufacturing and construction.

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AgileEngine Declared a Top-3 Custom Software Development Company in the Bay Area

Recently, Clutch updated its Leadership Matrix which ranks top software development vendors. With great pride, we’re pleased to announce that AgileEngine has joined the ranks of the top-3 Custom Software Development companies in the Bay Area. The criteria used to determine a company’s rank include market presence, ability to deliver, and verified reviews from customers.

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AgileEngine Ukraine New Year 2018 Celebration

Artis Leon Ivey Jr. AKA “Coolio”, was one of the greatest rappers of the 1990s. Coolio was prophetic on many topics, as well as entertaining in much of his music. This said, we take issue with his declarations in his pinnacle release “1-2-3-4”, in which he stated, “Ain’t no party like a west coast party, Cuz a west coast party don’t stop”.

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Tech execs’ calendar must-haves: top local technology conferences and events in 2018

Largest tech conferences in the USA

What tech conferences are you attending this year? This post will help you stay on top of major technology conferences, conventions, and summits that will be taking place throughout the US in 2018.

Whether you’re in search of new insights or looking for networking opportunities, read on and you’ll find something useful. Click on the city name to see what events it’ll host or just scroll through the tables below.

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