Samsung licenses AgileEngine’s Screenster

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Samsung licenses AgileEngine’s Screenster

AgileEngine software development company announced a licensing agreement with Samsung Inc., which will use Screenster company’s UI test automation software for web applications.

Screenster it is the only tool that validates the screens that users actually see. It eliminates the need for uber-technical testers and it makes them 10x more productive. Like the traditional tools it works by recording the user interactions with the page. Unlike the other tools, it automatically captures the entire rendered page as an image and stores it as a baseline. As soon as you are done recording, you are practically done automating. No coding, no element ids, no checks and assertions.

“We believe that Screenster will change the way people do automated UI testing and interest from such companies proves our concept.” – said AgileEngine’s CEO Alex Kalinovsky.

Both sides are excited about this agreement. Terms of the licensing pact were not released.

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