Ruby on Rails and Ember for Performance Chatting

Behold the internet, one of the fundamental drivers of converting the future into today! The explosive pace of technological progress across society has been spurned by the widespread use of this communications technology. The Digital Age is indeed a special era for humanity’s growth! 


Not all advances, though, lead to earthshaking cultural changes, furthering productivity. The advent of digital communications gave rise counterproductive things, too, allowing the Chatty Cathies of your office to gossip with their coworkers.

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AgileEngine made it into INC5000 2nd time in a row

It is with great pleasure that we announce AgileEngine was included in the “Inc. 5000” list for the second year in a row. Published on August 17, 2017 by the magazine Inc,  this distinction is awarded to the 5000 most rapidly growing private enterprises based in the United States. Inc writes with an emphasis on startups and businesses on the grow.


In 2016, AgileEngine was awarded the #4084 place. In 2017, thanks to the company’s impressive growth, AgileEngine jumped over 350 spots to the 3717 slot. This latest award is further testament to the talent of the AgileEngine team in bringing high tech solutions to their satisfied clientele.

The new ranking in the Inc. 5000 reflects several important achievements. Over the course of one year, our Kiev team has tripled in size, and we’ve added over a dozen projects to our portfolio. We’ve built a mobile app that got featured on the React Native showcase and released the 1.x version of our proprietary UI testing platform.

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Gourmet on the Way: Node development for a Food-delivery Startup

Node.js backend for a gourmet startup

Back in the day, my social life was really in the dumps. Then, I took a solid look at myself and decided to take an active approach in my self-improvement. My goal was to be more attractive to the ladies and have an easier time making friends. One of these approaches was in learning how to cook.

It wasn’t too long before I realized cooking takes up a lot of time and is really hard work. It’s also pretty brutal on the wallet, as you waste expensive ingredients in sometimes spectacular kitchen disasters. I gained a newfound respect for trained Chefs.

No worries. Our new client has got me covered here.

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Numbers-driven Clairvoyance: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Big Data

Times are tough out there. No more so than for fortune tellers. Needing direction in life, career and romance, you would head on over to the carnival to gain some insight into the future. Charging a dollar, the old crone would look deeply into her crystal ball and cackle out some cryptic results… Luckily, those times are long gone, and it’s all thanks to Big Data.

Nowadays, scientists and health care professional glean insight into the future from data and analytics systems. Our latest client comes from the Fortuneteller disruption field, focusing on big data consulting in healthcare and the bio-sciences.

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Tax-Mas Holiday Tidings

ReactJS development for a personal taxes management application

It’s that special time of year. Possibly not your favorite of holidays, but Tax-mas has come yet again. Tax-Mas has a lot of similarities to X-Mas. They both involve a lot of list checking, stress, and spending money.

A special guest may arrive at your house if a certain set of criteria is met. Santa plummeting down your chimney is a welcome sight at X-Mas. For Tax-Mas though it’s an IRS agent banging at your door to audit you. Also, he finds your offer of milk and cookies to be akin to a bribery attempt.

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Not Quite Terminal, in the Terminal. Creating Software for a Jet Charters Marketplace

A digital marketplace for business jet charters becomes the new client of AgileEngine

Tom Hanks’ has had a storied career, almost as amazing as the movies he’s starred in. In 2004, he played a Slavic guy stuck in an airport for several years subsisting on hamburgers while snoring loudly next to boarding gates. Somewhere along the storyline, he convinced Catherine Zeta Jones to plug her nose and smooch him. Great movie!

Our erstwhile hero probably would have benefited immensely from our new client, a digital marketplace for business jet charters.

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Getting featured on the React Native showcase

iPhone with a React Native logo on the background

Here’s yet another reason to hire our React Native developers: an app we built is being featured on the React Native showcase.

About a year ago, our mobile engineers joined the product development team of a global news publisher. Our guys assisted the client’s internal developers in merging the functionality of their iOS and Android applications into a cross-platform React Native app. This app can now be found on the React Native showcase, a GitHub project that demonstrates the potential of the technology for large consumer-grade applications.

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Why software outsourcing doesn’t work… Oh wait, it does!

screenshots of articles claiming that software development outsourcing is broken

I wonder what’s going on will all these posts saying that software outsourcing is broken. Have you ever stumbled across one?

If the authors of these posts are right, software development outsourcing is either dead or dying, and there’s no real reason for companies to outsource.

So, should we all get worried?

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AgileEngine joins the ranks of DOU’s top-10 software development employers

Few metrics are as important for a company as the rate of satisfaction of its employees with their jobs. When it comes to software development, employee happiness isn’t merely important, it’s a crucial factor that determines a company’s future. And that’s exactly why we are so proud about our DOU rankings.

For months, AgileEngine has been listed as one of DOU’s top-10 Ukrainian companies based on employee ratings. These ratings reflect how happy a company’s employees are at their workplace.

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Helping cat videos go viral with Grails, Groovy, ReactJS, and Spring/Hibernate

Viral videos and software development: Grails, Groovy, ReactJS, and Spring/Hibernate

Admit it, we all love viral videos. Silly videos of cute animals, collections of epic fails, inspirational stuff — there’s always something that resonates with us. After all, videos go viral for reason, right?

Actually, in the brave new world of today, there are multimillion-dollar businesses invested into videos of this sort. So whenever you see a video of a squirrel drinking a milkshake — or some dudes attempting a triple frontflip while slacklining — there might a crew of media brainiacs behind it. And these people do a ton of work to discover, curate and promote videos that have, what they call it, viral potential. As a result, we get to procrastinate at work while looking at videos of this sort:

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