Building a platform for cancer patients with Angular and Node

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There is something to be said about learning you have cancer. Pretty much everything you thought was important doesn’t matter. Day-to-day trivial things become even less important, yet weirdly ever more so as you try to maintain a sense of normalcy while going through treatment.

Your loved ones care and offer their support, and their support really means a world you. But unless they’ve been through this particular variety of cancer you’ve been diagnosed with, their support is more moral in nature. The foreboding sense of isolation even in a crowd only serves to make treatments more grim.

Our latest client wants to remove that isolation. To achieve this goal, they’re building a platform where people diagnosed with a particular type of cancer can communicate, socialize, and share their experiences easily. This platform will aggregate knowledge across patients, their caregivers, clinicians and researchers. Guesswork as to if a treatment has been viable, will be removed, too, as patients freely discuss therapy as working or not.

All in all, we’re certain that this product will create a lot of hope and lift spirits for those who need it the most.

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