Bringing big data, IoT, and ML to logistics

The predictive analytics platform of TransVoyant processes 100k+ IoT events per hour to provide real-time logistics forecasts to Fortune 500 companies. TransVoyant leverages Design Lab to customize its powerful functionality to meet the ever-evoving needs its clients, making it intuitive and user-friendly.

Supply chain intelligence for Fortune 500 clients

How it began

The ML-driven platform of TransVoyant started as a prototype of a logistics CMS built in collaboration with our team. The prototype proved successful, and TransVoyant continued engaging our UX, UI, backend, QA, and data experts, drastically expanding the capabilities of its product.


We’ve accompanied TransVoyant in its journey to become a feature-rich B2B solution based on a patented technology and featured by Gartner. The dashboards, data visualizations, and interactive maps of this product have been designed with our assistance.

A tool for enterprises, TransVoyant also leverages our expertise to adapt its UI to new functionality required by its growing client base.

Our role

  • Design and development of solutions and features from the ground up
  • Creation of design concepts and prototypes based on the functionality requested by TransVoyant clients
  • Incorporation of new UI elements into the overall design vision of the product
  • Recommendations for UI/UX improvements and modernization


The work of our UI/UX experts has been integral to making the complex, extremely feature-rich functionality of TransVoyant simple.

With our assistance, TransVoyant turns massive amounts of data into actionable insights that fuel the growth of enterprises.

There’s been strong initial feedback on the design. Their team is skilled, hardworking, and communicative. Their project management style is also noteworthy. Customers can expect quality work at a reasonable price.

Mr. James Brown,

Online Retail and System Manager


I always felt like any issue I’d have would be immediately taken care of.

Senior Software Engineer


Their team is invested in our success and excited about what we’re doing.

Product Manager

Hushmesh Inc

They’ve effectively become part of the internal team while providing a good ROI. Responsive and timely, they communicate seamlessly.



They focus on building a successful product and not just on getting paid, which fosters a positive working relationship. The team communicates well and is open to changes in project scope.

VP of Engineering

iControl Systems USA, LLC

Mobile-friendly design

The UX solutions we’ve incorporated into TransVoyant bring simplicity to supply chain operations with real-time tracking and precise estimates based on hundreds of data points.

These solutions are both user-friendly and ready for mobile.

Unified design vision

We are helping our client unify its services and functionality as a visually coherent solution that reflects the unique nature of TransVoyant.

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