Top tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to watch in 2018

Top tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

This year, AgileEngine became one of the top tech companies offering custom software development services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to the reviews from our awesome clients, we won the #1 spot in the local Leadership Matrix on So, technically speaking, we rank among the leading tech companies in the region. Neat, huh?

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Bubble Management Mobile App

As a kid, I got to learn the housing market from the bottom up. When my dad wasn’t working on his main business, weekends and evenings were spent with his rental property. Wrench in hand, when other kids spent Saturday mornings watch the TMNTs, I was helping fix a tenant’s kitchen sink with my Papa. Over the course of 25 years, he acquired around 70 houses and apartment buildings across Southeast Minnesota.

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Augmenting the future of AR

Even despite the initial hurdles with Google Glass, augmented reality is gaining traction in the broader consumer market. In many ways, AR owes this Apple and their implementation of the technology in the new iPhone lineup. Yet another factor driving the rise of AR is the benefits the technology offers to heavy-duty manufacturing and construction.

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5 serverless security concerns to watch out in 2018

Serverless security

The serverless approach to application architectures is fundamentally changing how we build and manage software. It should come as no surprise that with serverless, security matters are also different from what we’re used to see in traditional server-based applications.

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AgileEngine Declared a Top-3 Custom Software Development Company in the Bay Area

Recently, Clutch updated its Leadership Matrix which ranks top software development vendors. With great pride, we’re pleased to announce that AgileEngine has joined the ranks of the top-3 Custom Software Development companies in the Bay Area. The criteria used to determine a company’s rank include market presence, ability to deliver, and verified reviews from customers.

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AgileEngine Ukraine New Year 2018 Celebration

Artis Leon Ivey Jr. AKA “Coolio”, was one of the greatest rappers of the 1990s. Coolio was prophetic on many topics, as well as entertaining in much of his music. This said, we take issue with his declarations in his pinnacle release “1-2-3-4”, in which he stated, “Ain’t no party like a west coast party, Cuz a west coast party don’t stop”.

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Tech execs’ calendar must-haves: top local technology conferences and events in 2018

Largest tech conferences in the USA

What tech conferences are you attending this year? This post will help you stay on top of major technology conferences, conventions, and summits that will be taking place throughout the US in 2018.

Whether you’re in search of new insights or looking for networking opportunities, read on and you’ll find something useful. Click on the city name to see what events it’ll host or just scroll through the tables below.

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Cryptocurrency trading platform

Back in London in 2015, sipping a pint and stuffing my face with fish and chips at a friendly meeting with a couple of bankers. We were all having insufferable conversations about the investments and the high- tech startup scene. In a stereotypical English fashion, I’m sure bowlers were adorned. I brought up cryptocurrency with Bitcoin sitting an eye-poppingly impressive $330. Bringing up BTC was an error on my part as it was quickly derided with loud chortling and fingers pointing in my face.

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Traveling at the Speed of Cloud

When running a business, there are certain limiting factors that must be dealt with to achieve optimal growth. Weirdly enough, snacks in the breakroom is further down the list than I would have hoped…

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To the stars in 2018!

2017 has been a year of many exciting developments for AgileEngine. In this last year, AgileEngine has grown by 200% in terms of new clients and team members. Our goals are to take our clients’ to the stars, and this last year we’ve done just that.

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