Want to hire a React Native developer? Here are the pros and cons of React Native

Hiring React Native developers to build iOS apps: iPhone with a React Native logo

Should I hire a React Native developer for my next project? Or would working with a native iOS and Android teams prove a wiser decision?

Given the skyrocketing popularity of React Native, you’re probably asking yourself these two questions. So should you give in to the hype and hop on the React Native bandwagon?:) Is React Native that awesome? In our experience, it is. But this doesn’t mean it suits every project.

In the past year, three large brands hired our React Native developers to build their shared code apps. In this post, we’d like to share the experience of our software engineers and look at the key strengths and shortcomings of React Native.

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AgileEngine launches a CTO Club in DC area

AgileEngine CEO Alex Kalinovsky at the first meeting of the DC CTO Club

As the popular science author Steven Johnson pointed out, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect. Well, you can’t disagree with that:). Innovation stems from communication, which is why giving a group of intelligent technology leaders an occasion to meet up and talk is always a great idea.

This was our reasoning behind our new project called the DC CTO Club.

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Why you should use React Native for your mobile app

React Native is a technology that enables the use of React and JavaScript for iOS and Android development
Image credit: Algolia

There’s been quite a buzz about React Native lately. The brainchild of both Facebook and the open source community, this mobile development framework has attracted many positive reviews. In particular, working with this framework made one iOS developer go as far as to claim he might never write an iOS app in Objective-C or Swift again.

Seems like a bold statement, doesn’t it?

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New Year’s Party at AgileEngine Ukraine

New Year’s party at AgileEngine UKraine — our VP of solutions dressed as Hunter Thompson

We had two bags of tangerines, seventy-five Rubik’s cubes, five red blazers, an aerosol can half full of spray-on cobweb, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored wigs, slinky rainbow springs, fake dollar bills, gold chains, bunny ears and also seven quarts of Jägermeister, seven quarts of Scotch, ten cases of Budweiser, a pint of orange juice and two dozen bottles of wine.

All this had been rounded up the night before, in a frenzy of highspeed driving all over Kharkiv – from Kholodnohirskyi district to Louis Pasteur street, we picked up everything we could get our hands on. Not that we needed all that for the party, but once you get locked into serious 90’s nostalgia, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

Okay, that’s enough for pop culture references:). As you might’ve guessed, we had an awesome 90’s themed New Year’s party and we want to share the joy with you.

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AgileEngine Will Be Working on a New Smart Home Project

AgileEngine became a software outsourcing provider for Knocki

Image credit: Jens Kreuter

Are there table drummers among your friends? If yes, they’ll love the new Smart Home / IoT project we’re working on.

The company we’ve recently partnered with is a startup in the Smart Home niche. Their flagship product is an awesome gadget that attaches to tables, doors, walls, and other flat surfaces and turns them into control hubs for IoT and Smart Home appliances.

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Trick or Treat — AgileEngine Style!

Halloween party at AgileEngine

Sooo, why do programmers often confuse Halloween and Christmas? Duh, because oct 31 equals dec 25, get it?😀

Luckily for the tech folks at AgileEngine, our HR team made sure everyone remembered about the trick-or-treat day. They took care of decorations and treats, and they even made everyone wear their Halloween costumes. Here’s what our office looked like on October 31:

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A worldwide food delivery startup has partnered with AgileEngine to outsource some of its software development

AgileEngine outsource software development

Washington, DC: One of the biggest worldwide food delivery startups headquartered in Europe has chosen AgileEngine software development outsourcing company to support and improve the features of its software solutions in 10 countries worldwide. With the help of our full-stack software developers, the company is working to improve its services and conquer new markets.

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Hooray For The International Programmer’s Day!

AgileEngine Programmers Day

If you start your week with a positive mood on Monday, it’ll be a lot easier to work during the rest of the week! That’s how our Ukrainian development offices felt this Monday. The perfect occasion – the International Programmer’s Day was a good opportunity to eat some cakes and have fun!

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IT Games: AgileEngine Summer Party

AgileEngine Ukrainian Developers Party

In August our Ukrainian team has thrown the coolest summer party ever. It was held under the concept of IT Games!

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AgileEngine has joined the club of 5000 Superheroes of the American economy!

Inc. 5000 2016: The Full List

We are pleased to announce that AgileEngine was added to “Inc. 5000” – the list of 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America in 2016. The list was issued on Aug 17, 2016, by the magazine Inc 500 – a world-famous monthly publication focused on startups and growing businesses.

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